Ethics Curriculum 2

The Dr. Richard C. Christensen Memorial Ethics Curriculum is a multimedia effort, and at the heart of the curriculum are Dr. Christensen’s articles and legacy of ethics, especially in the context of serving underserved populations. Members and friends of the Christensen Editorial Board lovingly crafted additional content and organized this curriculum to honor that legacy. To navigate the curriculum, please refer to the sections below.

Ethics in Psychiatric Practice Curriculum

Assisting residents and medical students with navigating core ethical concerns that arise in everyday psychiatric practice.

  • Authors: Cara Yergen, MD; Ana Turner, MD; Joseph Thornton, MD; Rajiv Tandon, MD; Sheryl Fleisch, MD; Caroline Nickerson, BA; Regina Bussing, MD; Jacqueline Hobbs, MD, PhD
  • This is an effort conducted by the University of Florida Psychiatry Department with the supervision of the Christensen Editorial Board.
  • Address all correspondence to Dr. Jacqueline Hobbs.
  • Contact e-mail:
  • Contact phone number: (352) 265-4357


Module Outline and Instructions


Module One: Ethics Terminology

Module Two: Slang ‘On Board’ — A Moral Analysis of Medical Jargon

Module Three: Diagnostic Overshadowing

Please see the curriculum outline for this module.

Module Four: Relationships with Pharmaceutical Representatives

Module Five: Ethical Concerns Regarding the Underserved

Module Six: Wrap Up


Ethics Curriculum Videos

  • Module 2: Slang ‘On Board’ — A Moral Analysis of Medical Jargon — two videos (in the main video)
  • Module 4: Relationships with Pharmaceutical Representatives — three videos (in the main video)
  • Module 5: Video from Dr. Sheryl Fleisch (separate video)
  • Module 6: Course Wrap-Up — bloopers (in the main video)
  • Actors: Dr. Jessica Khan, Dr. Yarelis Guzman-Quinones, Dr. Jaison Nainaparampil, Dr. Andrew Pierce
  • Camera Crew: Caroline Nickerson, Britany Griffin
  • Writer: Dr. Cara Yergen
  • Producer: Dr. Jackie Hobbs

Video from Dr. Sheryl Fleisch (Module 5)